Termites and ants are different; it took a lot for the households and commercial properties to know this difference.

Termites can harm your reputation altogether amongst your visitors whether it is your home or office. Their appearance in your office space can cause a huge loss to your stature. We offer remarkable termite control services at competitive prices. Our prevention control procedures include the application of high-quality chemicals, a service warranty, certified pests, and professionally trained operators to perform the treatment in the most efficient manner. We provide long-term control through our expertise and updated knowledge of the best practices available.

The process of eliminating termites from your residential or commercial area can be carried out effectively with the help of a professional pest control company.

Ecoplus provides service that includes the application of high-quality chemicals, providing a service warranty, and certified operators to perform pest eradication works. If termites are not managed or controlled properly they can cause extensive damage to the structure of a house or property. Termites are common and are highly destructive timber pest which destroys large amounts of wood and everything that contains cellulose. Therefore any property such as a villa, building, warehouse, etc has potential termite infestation possibilities.


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