Cleaning your mattress regularly is an impossible task and most people don’t even think of doing it. But cleaning your mattress is as important as cleaning your sofa or your carpets.

Having a clean and hygienic place is very important for creating good health and also helps to create a positive impact of your environment on your visitors. That is why we bring the best cleaning service using our innovative and latest cleaning technologies that go above your expectations. Mattress cleaning requires certified service for highly healthy and safe procedures. Our professionalism believes in building long-term relationships with our customers by providing ideal service that suits your demands.

In Dubai, professional mattress cleaning is much in demand and that is why Ecoplus employs a team of highly-skilled, professionals to make them free from bacteria as well as allergens.

We understand your needs and provide high cleaning standards that includes hygienic environment giving way for a huge difference in your customer’s or visitors’ perceptions of your image as well as keep you safe and healthy. Ecoplus not only prove hygienic cleaning but also takes safety and environmental aspects of the work into concern. Our expert team has years of experience in providing exceptional cleaning services in Dubai


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